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To a Better You.

Accessible Therapy Services Centred Around You

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Therapy Session (Individual)


Therapy Session

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Therapy Session

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WhatsApp Therapy

60 mins | $190

60 mins | $220

60 mins | $240

30 mins | $45

About Goodity

Hello, We're Goodity Co.

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At Goodity, we value trust and respect as the core of all human relationships. We understand how challenging life can get and how uncomfortable it is to be vulnerable around others. So, we’ve built a culture of unconditional openness, support and positive regard, because we’re in it for the long haul. We’re here to journey with you.

Our counselling and therapy practice revolves around your needs, we’ll keep pace and support you as we navigate your landscape together. We don’t fix things, because let’s face it, not everything can be fixed. Instead, we help you manoeuvre around the broken bits and emerge whole. Most importantly, we focus on preventing things from breaking, like bubble wrapping the future you.

Don’t just listen to us, here are some stuff that our clients have said about therapists of Goodity.

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