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Welcome to Coffee Talks
by Goodity Co. 

Closed for now!

Check back for next pop-up location

About Cofee Talks
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Is it coffee or
is it therapy?

We are not a cafe, but a safe space where therapeutic conversations are served with a good cup of coffee (or tea, if that's your jam).

Grab a cup, write your thoughts, and make your order at the counter. One of our therapists will be serving you a 15-minute conversation of anything you'd like to talk about together with your coffee.

Coffee Talks by Goodity Co is brewed to life through the support of Somerset Belt & National Youth Council.

How to order

How to Order?

Step 01.

Grab a cup from the counter, write down what is on your mind and whether you'd like to talk about it.

Step 02.

Proceed to the counter, make your coffee order and take a seat.

Step 03.

If you have choose to speak about what is on your mind, our therapist will be serving up the coffee to you together with a 15-minute time conversational time slot. If you have chosen not to speak about it, the coffee will be served for you to enjoy it on your own.

Advance Bookings
Advance Bookings
coffe talks
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Closed for now

Check out for next pop-up location!


Do I have to talk about serious matters?

Nope, you don't have to! It is a space where you can talk about anything on your mind with our therapists. We do not seek to solve any issues there but to allow patrons a space to experience the therapeutic nature of having a conversation with someone.

Will our conversations be shared with others?

It is a safe space where confidentiality is strictly adhered to - so no, your conversations will not be shared with anyone else. However, the therapist is legally obligated to break confidentiality in cases where there is a threat to oneself or others identified.

Who are these ‘therapists’?

The therapists are professionally trained therapists under Goodity Co - an private counselling outfit providing accessible therapy for individuals, couples, and families.

Is this therapy?

Nope, we wouldn’t consider this therapy services as the function is entirely different. Therapy is a longer process where we work with clients for a longer period of time to resolve certain issues that they are facing. What we want patrons to experience from Coffee Talk is the therapeutic nature of having a conversation with someone else through drinking coffee. 

What if I realise that i do need therapy, can i ask the therapist for help there? 

The platform would not be ideal for a full session of therapy unfortunately. However, if you do require one, we would be happy to schedule you in for a full session separately. 

Can i just buy a beverage without having a conversation?

Of course! You are free to enjoy a beverage prepared by us even without engaging in a conversation with our therapists.

Can I have my friends join in the conversation?

Definitely if you are comfortable with your friends being part of the conversational space. However, we would recommend to keep the group size small for a more meaningful conversation time.

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