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We know you probably have questions…

Don't worry, we are here to answer.

Do I need therapy?​

We take care and prioritise care for our bodies, often forgetting to dedicate time for our minds.

Therapy helps to unfog, unravel and unpick some bits of your life you feel you struggle. There is no issue too big or too small.

Some individuals come for therapy to ensure they don’t break themselves or the people around them, some come to see how they can piece themselves together. Some just need to offload to a stranger.

If you are asking yourself this question, perhaps contact us for a short interview with our therapists, to see if we are a match for your needs. Alternatively, consider our tele-counselling service for a brief intervention. Try it on for size before you commit.

What really is therapy?

Therapy is about talking to someone who has the right skills and knowledge to help you navigate tricky bits of your life. Therapy helps you to sort, prioritise and decide on what to do next when things seem particularly complex.

Therapy isn't about fixing the broken things.

How many sessions do I need and how long is each session?

Therapy is typically a 6 session process, but it varies for everyone - faster for some or it can be slower for others & each session last for an hour.

Be patient with yourself and trust the process ♡

How do I start a process of finding a therapist?

Somethings to consider before your search are - what style of counselling are you comfortable with, what do you look for in a therapist, what do you hope from your sessions, how much are you able to set aside.

Ask around - friends who’ve been to therapy, recommendations, social media, professional registration bodies like APACs and SAC.

If the service provider can match your needs above - make contact to find out more!

*Goodity offers a short interview with our therapists for you to assess if there is a fit for your needs. It’s free and allows you to find someone who feel at ease discussing your issues without any obligations or pressure.

What if I don't feel connected with my therapist?

That’s totally fine. We will priorities your needs and refer you to a different therapist that is able to cater to your preference.

Your healing process matters the most.  

What kind of personal data is required and the purpose of sharing with my therapist?

Personal identifying information, details pertaining to related issues raised, details that may influence the issue. For example, family history and relationship with parents in relation to current relationship issues. All personal data and case details collected will be used purely for intervention.


Case details may be shared anonymously for supervision purposes to ensure ethical service delivery.

At which point will confidentiality will be breached during therapy?

Confidentiality will only be breached if there is a legal or medical requirement to do so. We will also have to breach confidentiality in

our therapy services in order to ensure the safety of our client and the people around them.


For example if a client expresses a clear intention to hurt a loved one, we will have to inform the loved one of the imminent danger.

What happens to the information shared after my last session?

All data that has been collected and shared will be destroyed 5 years after case closure or the last session.

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