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Corporate Seminars

Bringing good mental health practice into where we work

Mind your business and the mental heath of your staff.

Mental Health at Work

At Goodity, we believe in the importance of having good mental health practices in workplaces. Because let's face it, a healthy mind is also the key to a thriving workforce.

After all, the statistics don't lie - it costs our economy $1.7 billion annually in healthcare utilisation & productivity loss. Mental health has a direct impact on employees absenteeism rates, productivity, and burn out symptoms. Which is why more and more companies are taking the step to ensuring their employee's mental well-being are being taken care of too. 

Positive Work Environmental for Mental Well-Being​

Promoting a work environmental that looks after its employees' mental well-being is a task that involves everyone. 

Equipping all staff members with mental health awareness and the skills necessary for prevention has been seen as a crucial step to take in building a work culture that is positive for the mental well-being of its team members.

Corporate Benefits

With mental health increasingly being a priority in our society and in our work places, the benefits to a company with corporate mental well-being programmes are becoming more tangible.

A work environment that priorities the mental well-being of its employees promotes a positive and inclusive work culture, which is one of the key things employees of today are looking for when joining a company.

Studies have shown that companies with a robust mental well-being programme has seen increase in productivity, and decrease in both absenteeism as well as staff turnover rates.

Goodity Co Mental Health Seminars

With the combined experience of over 2 decades in therapy by the founders of Goodity Co, we have created mental health seminars that are tailored specifically for corporate companies that can help promote better mental health practices in a work environment.

Scope of Mental Health Talks

- Educating participants on various mental health topics

- Professional sharing of real life situations from past cases

- Sharing of practical tips and strategies 

- Hands-on practice

- Reflection and group discussions

- Questions & answers

Topic: Stress Management

Tailored for working adults facing multiple stressors in and out of the work place, this seminar / webinar is perfect for participants to dwell deeper into understanding stress and its effects on a physiological and psycho-emotional level.

Seminar Highlights

- What is good stress and what is toxic stress?

- How does stress affect us?

- Identifying the symptoms of toxic stress

- Strategies to cope with toxic stress

Topic: Creating a conducive workplace environment

Our work is a place where we spend most of our time and the culture can have a great impact on its employees - whether positive or negative. This seminar/webinar is tailored for both management and ground staff to understand the effects of a workplace culture on our mental health, as well as coordinate strategies to implement a positive and conducive work environment for our mental health.

Seminar Highlights

- Identifying workplace stressors and its impact on the culture.

- Understanding the effects of workplace on both a professional and personal level.

- Strategies to improve a workplace environment.

Topic: Mental Health First Aid

With the importance of mental health on the rise, it has become increasingly crucial for employees on both the management and ground level to be equipped with mental health first aid.

This seminar/webinar has been designed to equip participants with practical strategies to identify psychological distress in co-workers and practical processes to better manage mental health crisis such as breakdowns, flare-ups and withdrawal in a workplace

Seminar Highlights

- Learning common mental health distress triggers at work.

- Identifying symptoms of psychological distress.

- Practical strategies and process to manage mental health crisis

Seminar Speakers


Our seminars are presented by speakers who are professional therapists with years of experience in delivering therapy services to clients of various backgrounds. You can count on them to not only deliver the topics relating to mental health, but also to able to share real life anecdotes from past case studies. 

With corporate seminars given to organisations such as A*star, Bosch, IHP MedicalFrasers Property, Knight Frank, and more for over a decade... you can trust our speakers in helping your gain meaningful insights into better mental health practices at the workplace. 

So you're in good hands.

So Drama, Singapore

“The workshop shares tips for mental wellness and creating safe work environment. Trainer is friendly and knowledgeable in sharing experiences.”
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