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Mohamed Syukri Anwar

Mohamed Syukri Anwar

Associate Therapist (Intern)

Services Provided

Individual, WhatsApp Counselling

Languages Spoken

English, Malay


Syukri is a counsellor who has a diverse understanding and training in Psychology as he has studied in Singapore, the United States, and most recently, Australia. His experience also includes a stint in research as he worked on projects meant to inform education policies in child development in Singapore.

Syukri has a keen interest in working with young adults (millenials and Gen Z) who are transitioning to adulthood as he feels that this stage in life is a very important, yet heavily overlooked, phase in life and unfortunately, most of them are not equipped with the skill sets to navigate it. Other than this demographic, he also has experience speaking with at risk youths and believes strongly in guiding them through the issues they may be facing.

Syukri aims to create a safe space for all his clients regardless of race, religion, colour, creed, or sexual orientation. His style of therapy is guided by the following principles: congruence, empathy, understanding.

Note: All intern therapists with Goodity operate under the close supervision of the Clinical Director.


Emotional Regulation, Anxiety, Depression

Professional Qualifications

Bachelor of Psychology / University at Buffalo, NY

Masters of Counselling / Monash University (On-going)

Accreditations / Memberships​

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