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May Ullrich

May Ullrich

Associate Therapist

Services Provided


Languages Spoken

English, Mandarin


May developed her interest in good mental health after noticing the breadth of situations many people and families went through during and after the pandemic. To further her passion for working with people, she pursued her education in counselling to gain a deeper understanding.

Her practice is focused on CBT and Person-Centered Humanistic Therapy modalities. She melds these modalities to suit the needs and preferences of her clients.

As an advocate for living a meaningful life, she volunteers in community work to support the Counselling Programme to help adolescents, individuals and families mend relationships and navigate life transitions.

Having worked in Early Childhood setting for two decades in Singapore, May taught in local and international pre-schools, which has broadened her experience and enabled her to understand clients' cultures and diversity. She is deeply passionate about working with ADHD clients and dedicated to providing them with a safe and supportive environment to explore and understand themselves better.


我的模式重点是 CBT 技巧(基于研究证据的方法) 和人文治疗方式。我融合了这些方式来访讨论客户们所面对的心理困扰或障碍,与他/她们一起发现全新的自己,自我了解 而获得成长和取得进步。我志愿参与社区工作,支持咨询计划,帮助个人和家庭修复关系并引导生活转变。



Emotional Regulation, Self-Esteem, Trauma, Youth & Young Children, Low Motivation

Professional Qualifications

M.A Counselling / Monash University

Certified Trauma Therapy

Family Therapy (Intermediate)

CBT and CBT Depression Therapy

Strength-based Interventions to Thrive with ADHD from Childhood to Adulthood

Accreditations / Memberships​

Provisional Clinical Member / Singapore Association of Counselling

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