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The Anyday Digital Journal

The Anyday Digital Journal


The Anyday Journal - This isn't your average wellness journal - it's been thoughtfully created and designed by us to provide users with a unique and personalized therapeutic experience.


With questions & prompts written by our Goodity therapists, The Anyday Journal allows users to delve deeper into their thoughts and emotions, providing a reflection process that's much like being in an actual therapy session. Consider it as having your therapist with you, available whenever you need.


The Anyday Journal is perfect for those who prioritize their mental health and are on a personal journey of self-care. If you're already used to journaling but find other journals in the market too generic or haven't been able to keep up with writing in a book, this digital therapy journal is perfect for you.


This journal is a digital journal that can be used on GoodNotes, Notability, and other digital note-taking apps - with hyperlinks for easy navigation. The file is available to download right after purchase, so you can get started on your therapeutic journey right away.


Discover the unique and personalized therapeutic experience that The Anyday Journal offers. Download your digital copy today and start your journey towards mental wellness.


The Anyday Journal Consists of the following content:

✅Daily Reflections

✅ Reflections on Self

✅ Little Victories

✅ Goal Planning

✅ When Sh*t Happens

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